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WCP Introduces MyBlocks Thumbnail

WCP Introduces MyBlocks

We are happy to announce the rollout of the MyBlocks financial planning tools by MoneyGuide Pro. MyBlocks is transforming the advisor-client dynamic through interactive modules that allow clients to explore their lives and discover powerful answers to complex questions. These new features will allow you to view the progress of your financial plan in real time by integrating all your financial accounts into your financial plan. Your financial planner will be able to analyze this data and create recommendations to implement that will increase the chances of you reaching your goals. You can now register and start your financial plan for free. When you are ready to start click Get Started below:


 There are so many features to use, here are a few that are good to help you get started:



FastLink is a quick and easy way to integrate all your financial accounts into your financial plan. To use all the features, you must first connect your accounts. This will allow other features such as the budget tracker and AI FinCheck to operate. Any account you can think of can be integrated from banks, brokerages, credit cards, auto loans, mortgages and etc. If you have a login to a financial account it will be included in FastLink. If by the odd chance your institution does not come up email me at Jordan@WiseChoicePlanning.com and we can get it added. Once your accounts are added you can use all features such as account summary with screenshots below: 


Budget Tracker

You can now track your budget in live time. At all times know where you stand on your monthly budget. Answer questions like am I over budget today? Or how much of my budget do I have left to spend on certain things right now? You or your financial planner can upload your monthly budget into this tool. As you spend, your budget tracker automatically categorizes the spending and you can see in live time how much you have spent on gas, groceries, dining out, rent, and everything else in your budget. You can work with your financial planner regularly to adjust your budget when needed. You will always know where you stand on your budget every day.





Financial Freedom

The Financial Freedom feature is a collection of tools that allows you to plan for your financial freedom. There are tools to help you pay off your credit cards and student loans, save an emergency fund, add experiences or purchases goal, plan for having freedom money, and a feature called FastPath to Freedom. What FastPath to Freedom does is collects all the information you have entered in the other features and combines that with the data from your actual accounts. It will then help you predict and create a road map of how you can reach your goals from a financial perspective.


Tools and Subscription

To get started you can begin using these financial tools for free by registering HERE. This will give you access to all the tools in MyBlocks with the ability to input the information yourself. If you would like to connect and work with a financial planner to setup and operate the tools for you as well as create and monitor your financial plan, please check out our subscriptions HERE. A Wise Choice Plan subscription starts at $49.99 a month and includes the following:

Create a Financial Plan

Periodic Updates to Your Financial Plan

Member-Only Webinars

1-on-1 Coaching

Communicate Directly With Your Financial Planner


For more information please visit the “Our Services” page.



About Wise Choice Planning:

 Wise Choice Planning is building up families and communities with every financial plan created. We are dedicated to leading people to financial independence by serving a growing demand for more accessible and online/app-based financial services.