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WCP Announces License Renewal Thumbnail

WCP Announces License Renewal

Wise Choice Planning LLC would like to announce that we’ve renewed and upgraded our Moneyguide license. This will allow us to continue bringing exceptional financial planning to our clients plus we’ve upgraded the license to include new features such as MyBlocks and Yodlee. These additional features will add value to the financial planning process by upgrading the client experience. This upgrade will also allow clients to link their financial accounts to the financial plan in order to view up to the minute account balances and analysis. We expect to begin rolling these new features out soon. Stay tuned.


About Envestnet MoneyGuide:

Our belief: Everyone needs and deserves a quality financial plan.®

Envestnet MoneyGuide is dedicated to this mission – and focuses exclusively on helping advisors use financial planning to more effectively motivate each client to create, implement and maintain an investment strategy that best meets their lifetime financial goals.


About Wise Choice Planning:

Wise Choice Planning is building up families and communities with every financial plan created. We are dedicated to leading people to financial independence by serving a growing demand for more accessible and online/app-based financial services.