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Quick Review of 2019 Cap Spending Thumbnail

Quick Review of 2019 Cap Spending

Out of all the teams in the NFL the Dallas Cowboys spent the least amount of money on the QB position in 2019 coming in at $2,903,516. This is 84% less than the league average of $17,996,917. The Ravens paid the second least amount to the QB position at $4,187,820 so it will be interesting to see if they can take advantage of Lamar Jackson’s rookie contract window before he signs what’s sure to be a record-breaking NFL contract. On the flip side the Cowboys spent the most in the NFL on the offensive line at $52,928,659 which is 64% more than the league average of $32,330,217. Most fans were a bit disappointed in the run game at times but there’s no denying this unit was almost impenetrable in the passing game. Being able to neutralize just about any premiere pass rusher in the league comes at a price.  

If your nervous about Zeke’s contract setting in soon look at this. The top 3 teams in running back spending were the 49ers, Texans, and Patriots. Not a bad list. One more note on the offense is that the Cowboys are 9th in most spent on Receivers and this is before Coop’s new contract. They spent 23% more than the league average and what’s alarming are the top 4 teams in receiver spending: Browns, Colts, Bengals, Bears. Not a list you want to join right now.

Defensively the Cowboys spent the 3rd most in the league on the defensive line only behind the Bills and 49ers. I’m not sure I can argue they were a top 5 unit but they were solid. They spent $40,017,741 which is 55% more than the league average of $25,832,421. Across the rest of the defense the Cowboys found themselves generously below the league averages. At linebacker, safety, and cornerback they ranked 20th, 27th, and 24th respectively. They spent 50% less than the league average at the safety position. Although in terms of total savings they spent $16M less collectively at those positions than the league average. The Cowboys ranked 18th in defensive spending and 8th most in offensive spending.  

Here is a breakdown of how the Cowboys compare to the two teams in the Super Bowl in terms of cap spending: