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CBA Negotiations Are Cringey Thumbnail

CBA Negotiations Are Cringey

CBA Negotiations Are Cringey

This is when the cold truth sets in that all the talk about player safety and yakity yak this and that really doesn’t matter. Its all about the Benjamins baby! CBA negotiations in the NFL always seem like the league trying to get over on the players. The league asked for a 17th game but wanted to cap the player salary at $250k for that game. Who would ever agree to that? That could mean playing an extra game at half or a quarter of what you make per game. Obviously, the owners had to agree not to include that cap restriction but its things like that which erode trust. To even think something like that would be acceptable is sort of disrespectful to the players for a lack of words. It’s these type of repetitive negotiating tactics that seem to always cause friction between the two sides. 

No worries though the league will get the best deal for themselves better believe. Whoever’s doing the league’s negotiating comes to the table with the approach of King Leonidas Give them nothing! But take from them everything!  In the current proposed CBA the league would keep 52% of revenues and the players 48%. Last season the league earned $15B in revenue. Under the proposed CBA that would have earned the players $7.2B. For the 2020-2021 season the total cap for the league will be $6.4B. Roughly speaking each team could see a $25M increase in cap room under the new proposed terms. 

I created a table that would hypothetically show what each player position group on a team could expect to receive in terms of additional spending with an increase of $25M per team. This is based on the 2019 salaries and weighted averages of each position group in relation to total player spending. This is not an increase per player but rather an increase in total spending per player group.

Position Group Salary increase

QB    $2,845,062

RB    $1,063,632

WR    $2,977,762

TE    $1,231,161

OL    $5,110,958

DL    $4,083,747

LB    $3,158,554

S    $1,788,702

CB    $2,740,423